Not all Pizza is Created Equal!!


We are often told that 'I don't like pizza but I love yours!'. But why?....


I think it comes from the misconception that pizza is just one food, just the thick crust, bready affair that is often served up to us at the takeaway late at night or in a supermarket cafe.


I have conversations about pizza every day of my life and am always trying to open people's minds to how versatile it actually is. Saying you don't like pizza is like saying you don't like cars, there are so many variations of pizza (and cars) that you are almost bound to come across one you like at some point.


A Very Nice Car


Trendy Food = Variety

The fact is that pizza is a very trendy food right now, it's everywhere but there are so many different levels of pizza from your £5 discounted pizza made with a pre made base and topped with cheap mass-produced ingredients, large pizza chains' heavily laden, deep pan pizzas to artisanal pizza makers who spend time and care crafting every aspect of their pizza with levels of pizza everywhere in between.

Given that there are so many different tastes and dietary requirements in this world is a good thing that there are so many variations of the pizza.


Price vs Quality?

Pricing is a great indicator of the quality, although not always. Just walk around any town and you'll see 'buy a 10 inch pizza and get another completely free' or 'any pizza £5 for a limited time only'. Deals like these are ubiquitous but they are almost always the type of pizza that people are referring to when they say 'I don't like pizza'. On the other hand there are offers that are so complex you can't tell how much they would be without the offer!

I read someones comment on a 'Get our £5 pizza' post on social media the other day that

It's just bread with tomato sauce on top, that's why it's cheap!

To a certain extent that's true (in fact it almost certainly is true about the pizza they were commenting on) but that's not always the case. Many of us are fanatical about our products

Personally I love pizza many different types, the large chain pizza, the late night kebab house pizza, even reheated supermarket ones (not all, I am a little fussy!), But I really love our pizza, I never tire of eating it. It's been the one food I've worked with that, in my long career in catering, I haven't got bored of.


Artisanal Pizza


We spend lots of time (too much!) thinking about, making and eating pizza, trying different techniques for making dough, to improve our base, the flavour, shape, look and style - searching out different suppliers for toppings and indeed, ways to improve the flavour of those. For example,our pulled pork takes about 24 to 36 hours to produce and our dough takes between 24 and 48 hours to prepare, pepperoni does not just come out of the packet on to the pizza, our dips are prepared with love care and attention to name just a few things.


We pour love, care and attention into our pizzas, we create a beautiful product with high quality ingredients that have been refined and crafted over time. That's what you pay for when you order food from us.

That's why some people don't like pizza but they 'love ours'.

dont eat discounted pizza