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Marketing Wizard


Marketing Wizard

The Role

We are on the lookout for someone to help us develop our brand, increase our local customer base and build a strong social media presence across multiple platforms. 

This is a role that requires creativity and good analytical skills as we develop content to appeal to our different audiences through a mix of great photography, video, and inspiring copy.

About You

We are looking for someone driven, creative, full of ideas and who can get on board with our vision. The role is diverse and will involve input and support across all the digital marketing channels and consulting with the owners and managers across the business. You will have the responsibility of managing all marketing from start to finish and delivering The Pig and Olive brand across all media platforms.

Online Content Creation

  • Developing inspiring, consistent and meaningful content across the social media channels. This would be through engaging video content and great imagery of which you’d be responsible for capturing, editing and publishing. Writing and editing copy which embodies Pig and Olive– tailored to each channel, with considered calls to action.

  • Preparing social media content plans that are consistent with our identity and support the sales campaigns both reactively with live content and considering the forward planning goals. 

  • Research, connect and retain strong relationships with any relevant online influencers and content creators to help amplify Pig and Olive’s reach to core audiences.


Social Media Management

  • Recommending which platforms to use, primarily working across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and develop TikTok.

  • Manage communications on social media platforms ensuring queries are responded to in a timely manner in the appropriate tone of voice.

  • Using and analysing the data tracked in tools such as Google Analytics and social channel insights to evaluate the online presence, impact, and performance with attention to ROI.

  • Deliver a monthly review report on social media marketing impact, audience engagement and the growth achieved, with goals outlined for month(s) to follow.

  • Staying up to date on best practices and emerging trends in social media.


Website and App Management

  • Responsible for keeping content relevant and up to date. Making offer changes, uploading new blog content and ensuring seasonal messages are promoted effectively.

  • Ensure the website and app is developing and working as it should, and make suggestions for improvements.

  • Using and analysing the data tracked in tools such as Google Analytic to evaluate performance and customer journey.

  • Increase local sign ups to the app and our loyalty point scheme.

Email Marketing

  • Supporting on email data management to help build databases and deliver tailored, personalised content. Maintaining and cleaning databases as appropriate.

  • Planning and creating a clear schedule for email campaigns for Pig and Olive and its specific markets.

  • Creating regular e-newsletters to issue to customers with promotional content, future events and celebrations.

  • Using and analysing the data tracked in tools such as Google Analytics and to evaluate campaign impact and performance with attention to ROI.



  • To liaise with our leaflet distributors to maximise efficiency and evaluate impact and ROI.

  • Put Pig and Olive forward for food and industry awards.

  • Be up to date with trends in the industry and make suggestions as to how the business can innovate.


Skills & Experience

  • Confident with a proactive attitude.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Strong organisational skills, with an aptitude for multi-tasking and managing priorities and short deadlines.

  • Ability to follow best practice with experience across social platforms.

  • Copywriting skills that are sharp, memorable and will keep followers engaged.

  • First-class multimedia content creator and editing skills.

  • A flair for creating reports and presentations.

  • Attention to detail with excellent spelling and grammar.


Salary and Contract


We are open and flexible to suggestions. This may suit someone starting out in their career looking for a permanent role or also someone who is freelance. We are happy to consider all options for the right person.




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